5 Things To Do With An Old Area Rug

If you’re shopping for a new rug, chances are you have another you won’t be using anymore at home. If the rug is in good shape and you’d rather not throw it away, there are many things you could do with it. Keep reading to get some ideas and get creative with your old rug.

Trade It

Do you have a friend who’s always complimenting your d├ęcor? If that’s the case and the rug is in good condition, they might be up to buying or trading it.

Alternatively, sell it in a garage sale or a flea market, or just give it away.

Paint It

Breathe new life into an old rug by creating geometric or floral patterns on a neutral or solid colored rug. Use stencils to carefully paint or draw (depending on your rug’s pile height) the pattern on it.

Another excellent idea is to turn your rug into a ‘welcome’ mat just by painting a welcoming message on it.

If your rug has a design already, you can dye it instead. Just make sure to clean and vacuum your rug so that the paint or dye last longer.

Hang It

Rugs in good condition and with interesting, colorful designs look great on a wall. To prevent damage to the fibers and keep it from sagging, frame the rug or hang it from a rod. Here’s a guide to how you can go about hanging your rugs.

Reuse It

Inexpensive or damaged rugs can be used to make something else. With a little creativity and resourcefulness, find a new purpose for your rug. This will depend mainly on the condition of the rug. For example, rugs with little damage or wear limited to one area can be transformed into other decorative elements in your home, while rugs with more extensive damage can still be used but left out of display.

Here Are Some Ideas:

  • Use flat pile cotton rugs to make cushions
  • Reupholster chairs or other furniture
  • Cut out two or more rugs of the same pile height in squares or other shapes and sew them together.
  • Use the rug as a cover for your dog’s bed or as a mat for your pet.
  • Make a puzzle for kids: paint a pattern or numbers on the rug and then cut it in square pieces.

Work On It

Take your old rug outside to work with you on your car or the garden. Use the rug to lie down while fixing your car or to add some padding while kneeling down while gardening.

Recycle It

Rugs are large, bulky and heavy, which creates a lot of waste. Help reduce this waste by recycling your rug. Look up any recycling centers in your area, take it there and let them take care of the rest. Depending on the materials, it might be used to make new products or to generate energy.

Experiment With It

The rug is old, worn down, or damaged, so there’s nothing to lose. Sew sequins, beads, fabrics, and other elements to the rug.

Wear or damage doesn’t have to be the end of a rug. After so many years decorating your home, you can find it a new purpose with some creativity. Chances are you will need the rug somewhere else in your home, from gardening to bedding for your dog to new upholstery for your chairs. You can still always give your old rug a second chance.