Choosing The Perfect Rug

Choosing the Perfect Rug

Rugs are an essential decorative element in a home. They can transform a room from boring to beautiful, warm, lively and comfortable to stay in. Today, there are many types of rugs available in the market. They come in different sizes, colors, and materials. You are all but sure to find a rug that will suit your specific decoration requirements.

Most people get overwhelmed when they get to the rug stores because of the vast choices available. The primary thing to know about rugs is color, pattern, design, and material that can suit and coordinate with your floor, lifestyle, and theme.

The following is a guideline on how to choose the perfect area rug for your home:

  • Before deciding on the type of rug to buy, imagine the floor as the background canvas for your room. If you are starting a fresh room decoration, it is advisable to choose the rug before choosing the paint, upholstery or wallpaper patterns. Once you have the rug, you can then take its colors to be an inspiration for the rest of the room décor.
  • As you shop for an area rug, you should keep the function of the room in mind. If the room you are decorating experiences high traffic, then you should buy a rug with a hard material and a pattern that will camouflage everyday wear and tear. It will also hide dirt. 
  • If you are decorating an office, you do not have to stick to the traditional wall-to-wall carpet. You can instead acquire a colorful and versatile rug that will make your workplace more pleasant and be inviting.
  • Do not forget the hallway. Get a beautiful long hallway runner rug. Hallway runners and stair runners can extend the design choices to some of the forgotten rooms such as the utility room.
  • If you want the rug to be the focal point of the room, get a patterned rug with bold colors that can attract attention. Decorating a room with a bold rug is made easy on the vintage new era site. On the other hand, if you already have a focal point, choose a rug with subtle blends of color as it will tie a room together without necessarily drawing attention. 
  • If you want a rug that will blend with the wall colors and the already existing fabrics in the room, consider a custom designed rug. With a custom-made rug, you are sure to get a unique work of art to cover your floor.
  • When it comes to choosing a rug for the kids’ room, you have to be open-minded. Do not limit your imagination. Children love the colors, and that gives you the advantage of choosing the wildest of colors. Choose a rug that is soft and comfortable because children enjoy sitting on the floor as much as they could sit on the sofa. Remember to pick a pattern that stirs their imagination.
  • If your only concern is texture and not pattern, you can go for rugs with uncut yarn loops as they add a wonderful texture to the basic solid color. You can also choose rugs with natural yarns.
  • In cases where your room already has lots of patterns and color, choose a rug with a solid color so that the room does not look overly done.

The above tips are only there to guide you, but you have to choose what you like. Choose a rug that pleases you every day you wake up.