Choosing The Best Material For Your Hallway Runner

Choosing the perfect hallway rug can be a tedious task especially once you realize the number of technicalities one must pay heed to. Since they are the easiest way to light up the interior with its color and warmth, people often spend much time in getting the best deal for their home or other spaces. The style, weave, color — all of those are important characteristics but another to add to that list is the material. The kind of material you choose matters significantly and we’re here to tell you why. After reading the list below with comprehensive details, you’ll have a clear idea as to which rug is best suited to inspire your home’s interior.

Jute: A large number of people have a hidden obsession for natural things and want to
include this element in their home décor to enhance the beauty of the interior. The best thing about Jute is that it works pretty well as a hallway runner, especially when it comes to how soft they are. On the other hand, they are also known as the least durable amongst all other natural fibers. If you’re going for rustic style interior, jute may as well be the best choice to make.

Sisal: This one is another natural fiber you can go for your hallway runner. It is made
from a certain sort of hemp and is the optimal choice if your hallway is supposedly a high-traffic area. Unlike Jute, they can absorb dye much more easily and they brings about a variety of designs you can choose from. The dark side of selecting sisal is that they get dirty very easily. Stains from different things, even water may be difficult to clean up after.

Seagrass: Seagrass has much resemblance to jute in terms of colors. The neutrality adds elegance to the interior and is very resilient against stains and dirt. Also, since it has a wax coating, cleaning and maintenance becomes much easier. Seagrass is also famously known for its durability, even if it is used in high-traffic areas where other materials might wear and tear easily.

Wool: If durability and long-lasting material are your priorities, wool is the best option.
Though it’s rather expensive, it is worth every penny. It is undoubtedly the warmest material you can find for your hallway runner and has a natural softness to it. You will find no difficulty in keeping it clean. However, since some people are allergic to wool, you may have to consider that before making a final decision.

Polypropylene: If you’re more inclined towards a man-made fiber that is durable and easy to clean, polypropylene can be a good hallway runner to opt for. It can endure part-bleach solutions for cleaning purposes and therefore makes an excellent deal.

Any material that you choose, you must know that the picture-perfect hallway runner is always going to have a decent combination of density and fiber. Buying the finest rug is not the end of it; rather it is very important that you take very good care of them in terms of cleaning them.